Account-based marketing, customer experience, marketing trends for the year ahead, and out-dated tactics are among the topics we circulated to our team in February. Now we’re sharing them with you.

IT Lead Generation Tactics That Will No Longer Work – Judy Caroll via Business2Community

The underlying theme here is technology. Email marketing is on the list, but only as it applies to old-school email marketing that doesn’t include marketing automation. Manual chatbots are out, in favor of AI-powered chatbots.

That last point is pretty interesting, because while human chat might be on the way out, human interactions are not. One-size-fits-all marketing is on the list, and here’s what the piece has to say about it:

Key quote:

“While yes, technology, for the most part, is what basically runs modern B2B marketing and lead generation, you cannot deny that the one-size-fits-all mindset doesn’t work anymore in this day and age. Prospects and potential clients crave human interaction. They want to be able to cultivate deeper connections and more meaningful relationships with other brands.”

IT Lead Generation Tactics That Will No Longer Work

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5 Marketing Trends That Will Impact Your Business Most In 2020 – Giselle Abramovich via CMO.com

Familiar themes here include data, agile marketing, and customer experience, but this list goes one step further.

With all of the technology-led advancements in marketing and customer experience, it’s the marketing team that is often leading the way in digital transformation, even though few CMOs have official responsibility for transformation initiatives.  You can expect to see more marketing-led transformation in the year ahead, the article says.

Key quote:

“Marketing is becoming the tip of the spear for companies in terms of digital intelligence and transformation,” Adobe’s Copeland said. “And it’s sort of pulling the rest of the company along.”

5 Marketing Trends That Will Impact Your Business Most in 2020

Read the rest: https://cmo.adobe.com/articles/2020/1/5-marketing-trends-that-will-impact-your-business-most-in-2020.html#gs.yef8zr

The State of B2B Account-Based Marketing – Ayaz Nanji via MarketingProfs

Recapping recent research from the ABM Leadership Alliance and ITSMA, this article finds all sorts of good news for businesses that embrace ABM. It’s not just revenue growth either. In fact, revenue was behind reputation and relationships when it came to improvements made when ABM was adopted.

The challenges cited are also familiar to anyone who’s been following the move toward ABM: personalization and tracking among them.

 Key quote:

“The toughest ABM challenges today include personalization, metrics, budget, and content. Other significant challenges include educating sales, hiring the right staff, standardizing ABM processes, and agreeing on account selection. ”

The State of B2B Account-Based Marketing

Read the rest: https://www.marketingprofs.com/charts/2020/42410/the-state-of-b2b-account-based-marketing

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Marketers struggle to stay ahead of technology advancements — Amy Gesenhues via MarketingLand

A survey of CMO consultants found that “technology acumen” was the third-biggest challenge when it came to deploying digital marketing. It was topped by resource constraints and organizational inertia.

Those are pretty significant challenges when you consider that many of the survey respondents also said “company growth strategy” was ranked as something increasingly becoming the CMO’s responsibility. And, of course, there’s customer experience, showing up again:

Key quote:

The “most vital” capability needed to deliver marketing and growth strategies, according to survey participants, was understanding the customer experience. Marketing technology came in fifth on this list, behind strategy development, marketing research, sales and marketing, and multichannel marketing.

Marketers Struggle to Stay Ahead of Technology Advancements

Read the rest: https://marketingland.com/marketers-struggle-to-stay-ahead-of-technology-advancements-276058

How B2B Companies Can Up Their Customer Experience Game – Nicholas Caffentzis via Kellogg Insights

In B2C marketing it’s important to remember that it’s not about you, it’s about your customer. The same holds true in B2B, but there’s a significant wrinkle: instead of a single customer whose tastes you might be able to glean from their activity, you’re trying to appeal to a committee of individuals. And that committee is growing, and it’s including people who aren’t even central to the problem they’re trying to solve. That makes all of this very hard.

Customer experience in B2B means being able to understand your prospects’ current situation and process, and then clearly stating how you can help them — because it’s always about them.

Key quote:

The key is to ensure that you and your customers can quantify specifically how your product is delivering value for them. This may seem simple, but in the survey Caffentzis conducted, very few companies indicated that they incorporate customer-success metrics as part of their product-development and commercial-launch processes. Instead, most simply measure whether they are hitting their own sales forecasts or margin targets.

How B2B Companies Can Up Their Customer Experience Game

Read the rest: https://insight.kellogg.northwestern.edu/article/how-b2b-companies-can-up-their-customer-experience-game