December is a crazy, often-abbreviated month, but we made the time to do our industry reading and put together our list of the best B2B marketing reads of the month.

This month’s list demonstrates the importance of integration to buyers of IT solutions and buyers of martech solutions; looks at what SMBs want from their tech purchases; and, of course, no December 2019 list is complete without a look at the CCPA.

Without further ado:

83% of marketers rip-and-replace a martech app each year — here’s why – Scott Brinker via Chief Martec

The godfather of martech himself reviews the result of a survey done by MarTech Today. Unsurprisingly, a lot of this ripping and replacing is the result of homegrown applications being replaced by commercial solutions.

When it came to replacing commercial solutions, however, the survey found a three-way tie between integration, features and expenses as the motivation for the migrations.

Key quote:

“The one that leaped out at me: better/easier integration. That was as important – in some cases, clearly more important – than features and price. If an app doesn’t integrate gracefully into your existing martech stack, or you don’t have the freedom to augment it with new apps or even your own homegrown apps, then you’re going to switch.”

83% of marketers rip-and-replace a martech app each year

Read the rest: https://chiefmartec.com/2019/12/marketers-rip-replace-martech-apps/

What Matters Least to Line-of-Business Buyers – Hank Barnes via the Gartner Blog Network

What’s most interesting here is that B2B buyers who come from the business side of the organization identify one of the same primary concerns as the martech folks in the article above: Integration.

Integration is more important than cost and ROI. And if you’re not talking about how your products can integrate with the existing tech in the organizations you’re trying to reach, it’s time to start doing it.

Key quote:  

“If you help me innovate, help me differentiate, and don’t cause me pain from having to change everything else I’m doing (i.e. work with the stuff we have (integration)), then that is more important than being cheap.”

What Matters Least to Line-of-Business Buyers

Read the rest: https://blogs.gartner.com/hank-barnes/2019/12/10/matters-least-line-business-buyers/

CCPA: Questions of Privacy, Compliance, and Enforcement – Matt Voda via MarketingProfs

January 1, 2020, was the big day for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Since California is the most populous state in the country, the entire nation is watching and discussing compliance with this state-side, GDPR-like regulation.

With the CCPA, consumers now much more control over their privacy, including the “right to be forgotten.”

Key quote:

“When consumers remove themselves by invoking the right to be forgotten, gaps are introduced in the measurement picture. And, mind you, those are not random gaps. Attribution approaches attempting to stitch together a “path to purchase” now have missing pieces, and the entire approach starts to crumble. Brands today are also using a host of probabilistic mechanisms to identify consumers; additional holes in this data throws off its accuracy more significantly.”

CCPA: Questions of Privacy, Compliance, and Enforcement

Read the rest: https://www.marketingprofs.com/articles/2019/42213/ccpa-questions-of-privacy-compliance-and-enforcement

Five Simple Steps to Demonstrate the Full Value of Marketing — Meta Karagianni via the Sirius Decisions blog

If you work in marketing, it can be a little hard to believe that there are people who depend on your work, use your work, and who sometimes work very closely with you, who have no real understand of what it is you do. If it makes you feel any better, the people in engineering probably experience the same thing.

Things like leads and pipeline can be measured. But do they really demonstrate the true value of what marketing does for your organization? Probably not.

Key quote:

“High-performing marketing organizations are 64% more likely to say they have a measurement-driven culture. That’s a big shift for many organizations, as this goes beyond measurement and reporting. As the role of marketing expands, marketing leaders need to demonstrate how they are accountable for all of the ways marketing adds value for the organization.”

Five Simple Steps to Demonstrate the Full Value of Marketing

Read the rest: https://www.siriusdecisions.com/blog/demonstrate-full-value-of-marketing

Here’s What SMBs Consider When Evaluating New Technology – via Marketing Charts

SMBs are the engine of the U.S. economy, but the results of the surveys covered here make it sound like they have a very difficult time finding the right technology solutions to fit their needs and budgets. Of course, it’s always possible the problem might be in the way vendors are marketing to SMBs. Perhaps they’re making things too complicated.

The reality is, this doesn’t sound like it’s terribly complicated, so don’t over-think it.

Key quote:

“SMBs are looking for cost-effective solutions from trusted vendors that are easy to implement and integrate with existing solutions.”

Here’s What SMBs Consider When Evaluating New Technology

See what we mean?

Read the rest: https://www.marketingcharts.com/customer-centric/analytics-automated-and-martech-111370